10-0683 - Zinc Tappet Block Lifter Kit

10-0683 - Zinc Tappet Block Lifter Kit

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Kit includes front and rear zinc plated lifter blocks with standard hydraulic tappets with a zinc finish.
*NOTE: Must order hydraulic lifter units and screws separately not included. *NOTE: Must order screw set separately because the tappet blocks take non-tapered screws in 1/4 -24 or 1/4 -20 thread.

FL 1948-1984
FLT 1979-1983
Fx 1971-1984
FXR 1982-1983

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Suggested Items:
10-0988 - Replica Zinc Plated Tappet Block Set
10-0670 - Standard Hydraulic Tappet Assembly
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Accessory Items:
10-0688 - Zinc Tappet Block Lifter Kit
10-0198 - Sifton Hydraulic Tappet Unit

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #10-0277 Replica Tapper Unit Set. Suggested to use with #8605-16T Nickel Plated Tappet Block Screw Set with 1/4inch24 thread. Suggested to use with #8709-8T Tappet Block Screw Kit Nickel Plated with 1/4inch-20 thread for 1976-1984 cases.