32-1500 - York Electric Starter Kit

32-1500 - York Electric Starter Kit

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York electric start kit is designed exclusively for rigid frame 4 speed models with a tapered motor shaft in a generator type motor Knucklehead Flathead Panhead or Shovelhead model. *Patent Pending US 2018/0045161A1*
V-Twin offers a wrap around oil tank and includes the oil tank base plate to allow clearance for the starter motor. Installer can also modify original type wrap around oil tank by removing the rear bracket and re-welding in raised position. The Rear fender and tin inner primary must also be modified for installation. The battery required is the Anti Gravity 12 Volt 16 Cell battery. A 84 link primary chain is included as the chain tensioner assembly requires the longer chain. The primary chain tensioner is mounted to the 2 rear motor mount bolts for a secure mount. The starter motor is mounted to a cast steel housing mounted to the transmission mount plate so it effectively drives the starter ring gear on the rear of the clutch hub. This arrangement requires the motor sprocket to be offset 1/2 for this requirement. This early kit includes a 24 tooth tapered motor sprocket. We recommend getting our oil tank and inner primary for your year application.

EL 1937-1952
FL 1941-1954

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Accessory Items:
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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #19-0655 York Motor Sprocket. Suggested to use with #53-0075 Anti Gravity 12 Volt 16 Cell Battery. Suggested to use with #40-1289 Electric Start Short Oil Tank Black. Suggested to use with #40-0616 4-Speed Black Oil Tank. Suggested to use with #40-0491 Short 4-Speed Chrome Oil Tank . 9 tooth pinion gear on starter drive.