32-1947 - WR-XR Magneto Mount Kit

32-1947 - WR-XR Magneto Mount Kit

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Burkhardt magneto drive assembly is for use with Flathead Harley models. Kit includes cam gear magneto gear idler gear relocation stud adapter plate and bearing housing.
Assembly mounts in forward position where the generator was located. Assembly includes drive unit that bolts in place of the generator on 45 models which requires 5/16 x 24 screws for the installation. The early 1958-1973 G cases must be drilled first to accept 5/16 screws. The generator holes on 45 and UL flathead cases must be relieved by filing first in order to allow mounting with 5/16 screws. There are no timing marks on gears or keyway on shaft for the acutual timing. *NOTE: Installation requires machining the right side engine case generator port and strap mount area. Machine work required to relocate the idler gear with drives magneto. (The magneto gear is tapered without key way as original.) Modification to the engine case is required for clearance. Inner cam chest must be modified to accept idler gear spindle. *NOTE: Must order WR cam cover separately. Magneto head NOT included.

K 1952-1956
U 1937-1948
W 1937-1952
XL 1957-1984
XR 1980-1989

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Accessory Items:
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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #32-1492 XR/WR Magneto Idler Gear Spindle Raw. *NOTE: Idler gear requires 2 bearings.