WR 45  Cam Cover Alloy
WR 45  Cam Cover Alloy
WR 45  Cam Cover Alloy
WR 45  Cam Cover Alloy

WR 45 Cam Cover Alloy

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WR 45 alloy cam cover includes 5 bushings installed and will accept vertical or horizontal magnetos. Accepts stock oil feed pump breather and scavenger tube. The breather valve is installed.
Has the relocated stud hole for the idler shaft. Cover bushings are standard bushing not for ball bearings. For use with WR magneto drive gear stud installed in right engine case. *NOTE: Order magneto adapter bracket idler gear spindle and drive gear for cam case available separately. 45 WL installation of the XR magneto and related gears right side engine case requires relocation of the idler gear stud. The cam cover must be welded up with additional material for the stud relocation. *NOTE: #4 cam shaft must be shorter to accommodate the cover will not accept generator. *NOTE: For use with front mount magneto only. The magneto drive gear in case must be moved by using the adapter stud to locate the idler gear with ball bearings. The Peek-A-Boo WR cam cover is not included. *NOTE: Can be fitted with WR ball bearing if desired detailed machining required.

G 1937-1973
W 1937-1952

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
Suggested Items: 49-2562 - Breather Valve

Accessory Items:
10-1299 - XR/WR Magneto Idler Gear with Holes
12-1547 - Cam Ball Bearing Set
32-1947 - WR-XR Magneto Mount Kit
49-0842 - WR 45 Cam Cover Plate Zinc Plated

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #32-1611 45inch Magneto Idler Gear Spindle. Suggested to use with #32-1492 XR Magneto Idler Gear Stud. *NOTE: Pre check before final assembly: height of bushing which drives feed pump check height inside distributor drive hole and check wall for pin holes or possible leaks.