21-0963 - Tank Chrome Hand Shifter Lever

21-0963 - Tank Chrome Hand Shifter Lever

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Chrome plated steel tubular style hand shifter lever includes cup original style black ball spring and cotter pin. Ball is threaded 3/8 x 24.
Tubular shift lever is exact replica for 1936 EL models. Does not use a bronze bushing or nut. Bronze bushing on later models must be removed before installation. Lever is secured in place by a single cotter pin. Use with a shifter gate. Remove detent spring when used with a ratchet top on a 4-speed or a 5-speed transmission. Order ball with photo insert separately. Exact details are replicated in this 1936 style shift lever including tubular design collar spring and spring cap. Can be adapted to all hand shift and 4-speed models.

EL 1936-1952
FL 1936-1952
UL 1936-1940

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #49-0364 shifter gate