8311 CAD
8311 CAD - Stock Style Hardware Kit HD Cadmium

8311 CAD - Stock Style Hardware Kit HD Cadmium

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Stock hardware kit contains all the stock engine nuts bolts washers and studs for your engine HD.
Includes primary cover screws lifter base screws circuit breaker screws case studs and nuts timing plug cam cover screws cylinder base nuts and screws oil pump nuts and bolts transmission side cover nuts and washers transmission top screws transmission fill plug generator screws head bolts and washers.

FL 1970-1975
Fx 1971-1975

Country Of Origin: USA

Accessory Items:
16-0529 - Mini Motorcycle Lift Tool
31-0201 - Inspection Tag Holder 1/2 Mount Stainless Steel
16-0585 - Oil Drain Reservoir Tool