Sifton WLDR Cam Set

Sifton WLDR Cam Set

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2021 New Production Sifton cam set has OE sepcifications WLDR lift. Bolt in hotter than stock!
Use with standard lightning roller tappets. *NOTE: Must be ordered separately.

WLDR 1936-1952

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Accessory Items:
10-1946 - 45 Cam Cover Natural Alloy
49-0850 - 45 Lifter Base and Tappet Kit
10-1804 - Sifton WR/KR Cam Lobe Set
10-3952 - 45 WL/G Short Block

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #10-0567 Standard Lightning Tappet Assembly.
Measurement: Top Cam Lobe Width: 0.969 inches