10-0824 - Sifton Standard Hydraulic Tappet Set

10-0824 - Sifton Standard Hydraulic Tappet Set

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Forged steel standard hydraulic tappets are OE replacement quality with precision ground outer diameter and accurate sized pin fitted to roller assembly. For Twin Cam or M8 models.

FLST 1999-2022
FLT 1999-2022
FXD 1999-2017
FXST 1999-2022
XL 2000-2022

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 18538-99

Accessory Items:
16-1728 - Pushrod Cover Clip Tool
16-0993 - Sifton Pushrod Adjustment Gauge
16-0998 - Tappet Guide and Oil Pump Alignment Tool
16-1886 - Jims Tappet Adjuster Tool