17-1039 - Sifton Kick Cover Kit

17-1039 - Sifton Kick Cover Kit

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Sifton kick cover kit includes a heavy duty finned cover in a natural cast finish with a stroker stainless steel kicker arm a black spring and a tempered tool steel kick shaft.
For 4 speed and rat trap pedal transmissions. The kicker bushings and seal are pre-installed in the cover. 4 speed tranmission not included. *NOTE: Kick pedal requires hand fitting. For a full retraction the material on the back of the pedal must be removed. For the in position grind the edge for fitment. This is necessary as the arm is extra thick! Installer may have to fit kick pedal to the arm for proper operation. *NOTE: Kick starter kit that is shown is installed not transmission

FL 1941-1985

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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