12-1220 - Scavenger Oil Pump Idler Gear

12-1220 - Scavenger Oil Pump Idler Gear

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Oil pump scavenger idler gear with groove.
*NOTE: Gear has groove milled in side to drive the rotor when installed on 1941-1949 oil pumps. Drive grooves do not go all the way across the tooth profile. The two grooves drive the centrifugal rotator vane. 1936- 1940 Oil pump scavenger idle gear is not a keyed gear. The one slot allowsfor oil to feed through the hole to the primary chain for lubrication; this can be adjusted by screws with shims. 1941 models feature a rotor and feed on the back side. Adjuster screws goes straight in. 1942- 1949 pumps uses rotor. Scavenger idler gear has two slots on the face to the drive rotator and one shot on the rear for the chain oiler feed. Oil pump gear features relief shots for chain oiler feed.

EL 1936-1947

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 26325-36,691-36

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Tech Notes: Required to use with #12-0167 Scavenger Oil Pump Gear.
Measurement: Thickness: 0.500 inches