51-0096 - Replica Retro Straight Leg Rigid 30 Rake Frame

51-0096 - Replica Retro Straight Leg Rigid 30 Rake Frame

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Replica retro rigid straight leg frame features original styling and is updated to accept flat side tanks. Original type forged parts include: neck side front motor mount rear motor mount car mounts and rear axle area.
Includes seat post transmission mount plate for 4-speed tran and rear axle. Accepts Panhead Shovelhead Evolution and Twin Cam engines but will require a tin inner primary. Accepts 1986-1999 FXST gas tanks and chain final drive. Frame has a +2 raised neck and 9-1/8 between the axle plates. Supplied with the rigid frame is the brake cross shaft for mechanical brakes and stock rear axle plate for use of the star hub wheel and mechanical brakes. The frame is taller in the engine compartment to house the Evolution and Twin Cam motors. Rigid mount 5 and 6 speed transmission with the aluminum inner and outer primarys check height of transmission plate for correct primary alignment. Retro rigid frame is shown with a TC-88 motor installed with steel rear motor mount available separately. Use with Softail type transmissions. Frame as listed will accept mechanical brakes for the old style look.

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use #31-0913 Front Seat Mount which mounts to t wo dowels between the tank to connect the seat T. *NOTE: If you are using a seat post remember the seat post tube has a bend in it to accept the Evolution or Twin Cam motors. It will be necessary to shorten the tube portion of the seat post but still connect the rod to lower frame bracket. *NOTE: Seat post may require further reaming for proper fit. *NOTE: There are no serial numbers stamped on the replica frame. V-Twin supplys a Bill of Sale only referencing the part number. *NOTE: UPS may consider this part as packages inchoversizeinch for shipment as compared to the actual weight which will result in higher shipping costs.