10-2016  Replica Panhead 74  Motor Assembly

10-2016 Replica Panhead 74 Motor Assembly

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Assembled with oil pump and distributor. The components are zinc and natural finished.
74 Replica chrome panhead long block with Replica type heads with stock exhaust ports and cases. Assembly includes cas iron oil pump and manual distributor. OE number boss is provided on left side. Sprocket shaft supplied is for 4-speed stock transmission. Engine does not include intake manifold. Use o-ring intake manifold. Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is supplied. *NOTE: Includes top motor mount mount bolts and 3-4 V-Twni spark plugs. *NOTE: All parts are brand new by V-Twin assembled by V-Twin Motor Shop! **NOTE: Carburetor and charging system is not included.

FL 1955-1961

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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