51-1942 - Replica  HM  Knucklehead 29 Rake Rigid Frame

51-1942 - Replica HM Knucklehead 29 Rake Rigid Frame

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Knucklehead rigid frame with a 29 rake neck angle is an authentic reproduction of the factory style featuring 13 brazed joints. Front side car loops seat post mount rear axle plates are exact shape with forging marks.
Rear fender crossbar is supported by saddles brazed at each end. The 29 neck angle will accept inline spring forks. Seat post assembly and transmission mount included rear axle kit installed. Frame requires purchase of clamp on coil bracket kit. Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is supplied. Knucklehead replica frame 29 includes seat post trans mount plate and rear axle kit. *NOTE: Mount seat T to frame before installing gas tanks. Place 6320 washer between the tank and frame before mounting. New production with 13 joints brazed just like the original! The tool box is welded to the frame. **NOTE: Seat post and cross shaft bushings may require further reaming for proper fit. For this reason frames will not be accepted for return (RGA).

EL 1941-1946
FL 1941-1946
U 1941-1946

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 47003-41,2802-41

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #31-0406 Tool Box Two Hole Cross Bracket. Suggested to use with #31-0412 Replica Tool Box Cross Bracket. *NOTE: Replica inchHMinch is our updated version with forging hallmarks on many of the components. *NOTE: Features the following forged parts with HallMark numbers and marks: seat yoke front motor mount side car loops rear axle plates and transmission front/rear mounts. *NOTE: There are no serial numbers stamped on the replica frame. V-Twin MFG supplies a Bill of Sale only referencing the part number.