25-0823 - Replica Flanders Spring Fork  O  Shape Handlebar


25-0823 - Replica Flanders Spring Fork O Shape Handlebar

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O replica 1 Spring Fork handlebar is the original style Flanders O series handlebars. Bars are chrome and accepts the short Flanders throttle/spiral grip sets for the Bobber look of the 1950's.
Requires use of shorter throttle sleeve. Use with snap throttle assembly. For use with Flanders riser sets. Bars are specifically for the Flanders set up. *NOTE: Must order short spirals requires two per bar cable and related switches separately. Grips must be cut to length for this installation. NOTE: Features the O style.

FL 1941-1948
W 1941-1952

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Accessory Items:
25-0785 - Chrome Replica 5-1/2 Flander Riser Set
36-0481 - Cable Kit for Throttle or Spark Controls
49-1163 - Offset Spring Fork Top Triple Tree
25-1755 - Flanders Riser Set
49-1324 - Stellings Handlebar Throttle Spiral

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #49-1324 Handlebar Spiral Set.
Measurement: Center Width: 12.5 inches