10-1379 - Replica 74  Long Block Knucklehead with Polished Rocker

10-1379 - Replica 74 Long Block Knucklehead with Polished Rocker

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Replica Knucklehead 74 long block with polished rocker boxes chrome valve cover cups a linkert 4 bolt manifold the motor sprocket and an 18mm spark plug set. Fully assembled and tested for oil pressure.
Unit features replica crank cases overhead oiler provision from timing cover cast iron type flywheels assembled with sotck rods and Torrington rollers with steel cages valve train with tappet assembly featuring Sifton lightning cam pushrods chrome pushrod covers and a finned cam cover. Replica cast iron cylinders are fitted with 8.5:1 pistons and Hastings rings replica cast iron oil pump with early style iron cover auto advance distributor for easier starting with corresponding relay mount with distributor post guide slot and the manifold included accepts linkert 4 bolt type carburetors. Rocker features polished knuckles with natural finish aluminum cam cover 23 tooth motor sprocket and 18mm spark plug set. Carburetor and generator not included. Manufacturer's Bill of Sale supplied. **NOTE: Must order carburetor and charging system separately not included.

EL 1938-1940
FL 1941-1947

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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