40-0638 - Replica 1936 Knucklehead Raw Oil Tank

40-0638 - Replica 1936 Knucklehead Raw Oil Tank

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Replica 1936 Knucklehead wrap around oil tank is the original type with female fittings for banjo bolts. Features a non embossed smooth top and lower panels.
Tank is equipped with a screw in dipstick. Tank does not have battery rod tabs. *NOTE: Must order banjo bolts and fittings for oil lines separately. Lower right hand feed outlet must be tapped larger to fit a banjo bolt. *NOTE: Can be used in later applications by changing the battery rods to earth style battery rods. *NOTE: Features 1/8 NPT internal threads for vent and return lines. *NOTE: The battery compartment dimensions are 5 wide x 4-1/2 long x 7 tall. The left vent hole is 3/8 -24 TPI and the right return hole is 1/2 -20 TPI. Clear threads with a tap before final assembly. (Recommended) Cap is included. Requires the purchase of rubber or steel fittings for oil lines.

EL 1936-1940
FL 1941-1957
UL 1938-1947

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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