19-0032 - Rear Sprocket Chrome 45 Tooth

19-0032 - Rear Sprocket Chrome 45 Tooth

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Chrome 45 tooth rear disc sprocket with a 9.8mm offset.
*NOTE: Length from one hole to another is (space between) is 1-1/2 center hole to center hole of two holes close to each other is 2 distance from one hole to the farthest is 3-1/8 center to center. Center hub hole has an inner diameter 2

FL 1973-1984
Fx 1973-1984
FXST 1984-1985
XL 1979-1981

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 41470-73

Accessory Items:
16-0611 - Chain Puller Tool
16-0255 - Diamond Chain Breaker Tool
16-0997 - Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
16-1784 - One Man Brake Bleeder

Measurement: Inner Diameter: 2-1/4 inches