40-0568 - Polished Engine Breather Oil Collector

40-0568 - Polished Engine Breather Oil Collector

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Polished oil collector is designed to collect the oil mist from the breather hose which eliminates engine oil from collecting in air cleaner.
On top is a high flow air filter that acts as a baffle allowing the oil and air to separate more efficiently and can easily be cleaned. On the bottom is a drain plug to allow drainage on a regular basis. A 90 barbed fitting fits breather hoses perfectly and includes chrome mounting billet clamp. *NOTE: Order strp steel clamp if prefered ehich can then be cut to length. *NOTE: So the clamp does not slip when you tighten the fittings it's suggested to use sand paper or a file to rough up the band where the clamp fits. (See diagram)

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #31-2100 Chrome 1-1/2inch Exhaust Hanger Clamp Set.
Measurement: Width: 1-1/2 inches