22-0310 - Partial 4-Speed Kick Starter Kit

22-0310 - Partial 4-Speed Kick Starter Kit

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Partial 4-speed kick starter kit includes all components except the arm cover and pedal.
Includes the clutch lever finger shaft assembly. Order clutch lever shaft and finger kit to complete assembly available separately. *NOTE: When installing any type of our 1974-1980 kick starter kits on 1980-1985 4-speeds a late bearing retiainer which incorporates a kick starter stop built in is required. *NOTE: The clutch release shaft is not included. *NOTE: Thrust washer with counter sink for kick shaft faces kicker spring for installation.

EL 1936-1940
FL 1941-1984
Fx 1971-1984
UL 1937-1948

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #17-0373 Clutch Release Shaft Kit