10-1345 - Panhead Top End Kit for Shovelhead Motors

10-1345 - Panhead Top End Kit for Shovelhead Motors

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Panhead top end kit with 3-1/2 cylinders and matching complete Panhead heads. This kit will fit 1970-1984 Shovelheads to convert to Panhead type with overhead oiler system.
Kit includes 3-1/2 cylinder kit with cast pistons head bolt set and rings. This complete Panhead head set comes with valves guides spring valves and rocker arm assemblies. With 3.9 stroke (stock 74 ) gives 76 cubic inches. With 4-1/4 stroke (stock 80 ) gives 82 cubic inches. With 4-1/2 stroke gives 87 cubic inches. Installation of cylinders may require oil drain holes in case to be machined. (See diagram for photos.) Heads accept o-ring Shovelhead manifold and Shovelhead exhaust headers. Essentailly heads have components of Shovelhead intake exhaust parts and intake valves. *NOTE: Order Panhead valve covers manifold pan gaskets and pushrod covers separately.

FL 1963-1984

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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