11-1345 - Panhead Pushrod Set

11-1345 - Panhead Pushrod Set

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4 piece original steel type Panhead pushrod set features built in hydraulic dampers.
Set is steel with built in hydraulic unit as the original! For use with solid lifters only. Pushrods include the rod (OEM #17905-48) clip (OEM #17923-48) piston body (OEM #17920-48) ball (OEM #8854) spring (OEM #17925-48) and spring seat piston (OEM #17925-48). *NOTE: For use with solid lifters. Refer to service manual for adjustment.

EL 1948-1952
FL 1948-1962

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 17905-48,131-48

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