10-0294 - Panhead Extreme Duty Engine Case Set

10-0294 - Panhead Extreme Duty Engine Case Set

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V-Twin extreme duty case set is the authentic look for builders and restoration. Accepts Panhead lifter blocks and cylinders. Includes circuit breaker stud idler shaft kit cam bearings and case race.
This is a heavy duty case set with the 1969-1970 upgrades including tappered bearing oil breather screen seal and spacer. Case set will accept Panhead or Shovelhead cylinders. The outside oilers must be provided for Shovelhead installation. Also includes relay boss cast in. Uses loose rollers and cage set not included. Number boss is blank so the builder can stamp their own numbers to match the year of the Panhead they are assembling. Case set is not line lapped. *NOTE: Has front saddle for the 3 brush generator strap. *NOTE: Case machined for hydraulic tappets but can be fitted with solid tappets; remove tappet screen. *NOTE: Cam cover area is thicker than original remove material as required to fit flat exhaust pipe. *NOTE: Must order pinion bearing assembly separately.

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Accessory Items:
10-1293 - Cam Chest Circuit Breaker Shaft Kit
12-0397 - Cam Needle Bearing
12-2100 - Cylinder Base Stud Set
8117-1T - Zinc Motor Case Drain/Oil Pump Body Plug
12-1514 - Primary Breather Tube

Replacement Items:
10-1820 - Shovelhead Engine Case Set
10-0477 - Panhead Extreme Duty Engine Case Set
10-1008 - 4 Stroke V-Twin Flywheel Assembly

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #10-8286 Special Sprocket Shaft Spacer. Suggested to use with #14-0106 Main Drive Seal. Suggested to use with #12-0428 Left Crankcase Main Bearing Set. Suggested to use with #12-8002 Oil Pump Assembly. Suggested to use with #12-0219 Replica Tappet Oil Screen Kit Suggested to use with #12-1515 Tappet Oil Screen Suggested to use with #12-9969 Polished Oil Pump Assembly Suggested to use with #12-9800 Polished Oil Pump Assembly with Breather Suggested to use with #10-0427 Sprocket Shaft Spacer Suggested to use with #14-0108 Left Engine Seal *NOTE: Panhead case set can be drilled for overhead oiling for Shovelhead top end. Drill for 1/8inch NPT fitting and threads. Suggested to use with #8146-10 Cadmium Circuit Breaker Screws *NOTE: Must be fitted with VT #10-0278 Pinion Right Side Case Race Standard.

FL 1958-1962