10-1139 - Panhead Cylinder Heads 3-5/8  Big Bore

10-1139 - Panhead Cylinder Heads 3-5/8 Big Bore

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V-Twin Motor Shop Ready single plug type Panheads are assembled and are ready to install.
Heads are assembled with cast iron guides valve stem seals nitrated valves Shovelhead intake Panhead Exhaust and stock style springs and retainers. Features Shovelhead exhaust pipe flange and intake ports accept Shovelhead o-ring type manifolds. Panhead features external oiler for Big Bore applications with up to .450 lift cam. These heads require 3-5/8 Big Bore Shovelhead cylinders with 98.6mm cylinders flange. Top oiler holes have a 1/8 National Pipe Thread. Pipe plugs are installed with 1/8 National Pipe Thread. *NOTE: Order rocker arm assembly and stud separately. **NOTE: May require outside oiling.

FL 1963-1965

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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