10-1380 - Panhead 76  Long Block

10-1380 - Panhead 76 Long Block

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Bastardo Panhead long block motor with 4 stroke is assembled and tested for oil pressure. Use motor for 1936- 1964 4 speed transmissions.
Panhead 76 Long Block features finned cam cover overhead oilers and Shovelhead intake and exhaust ports. The motor accepts tin inner primary and splined sprocekts for 1955-1964 FL models. **NOTE: Carburetor and charging system is not included. *NOTE: Panhead with Shovelhead power features: Shovelhead intake and exhaust valves and the exhaust ports are Shovelhead style to accept single bolt Shovelhead flanged headers. Redesigned intake ports accept a Shovelhead o-ring intake manifold. This motor breathes and runs like a Shovelhead stroke bore and cubic inches.

FL 1948-1984
Fx 1971-1984

Country Of Origin: USA
Accessory Items: 10-1380PU - Panhead 76 Long Block
Measurement: Storke: 4 inches