10-1976  Panhead 74  Long Block

10-1976 Panhead 74 Long Block

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Assembled and tested for oil pressure with alloy finishes.
Panhead 74 long block features V-Twin Replica case set polished Sifton oil pump and breather assembly stock stroke flywheel hydraulic lifters tapered bearings and the stock cam installed with a matched pinion gear. Cylinders are stock with 8.5:1 compression cast pistons & Hastings rings. Top end includes single plug Panheads fitted with rocker arm assemblies chrome pan covers with thick natural cast D rings and chrome steel pushrod covers. Order manifold carburetor and 2 brush generator sepately. Automatic advance distributor and cast finned cam cover are included. Entire unit is pre run and factory tested for oil pump pressure. Manufacturer's Bill of Sale is supplied. **NOTE: Carburetor intake manifold and charging system is not included.

FL 1955-1962

Country Of Origin: USA

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