35-9344 - OKO 45mm Flatslide Carburetor Natural

35-9344 - OKO 45mm Flatslide Carburetor Natural

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OKO 45mm flatslide carburetor incluldes an enricher idle adjustment cables air cleaner adapter ring and choke cable as shown. Features a natural finish.
Includes air cleaner adapter plate. *NOTE: OKO Carburetors include choke and idle cables as shown. Twist grip and cables available separately. *NOE: carburetor must be supported on all installations either using a carburetor breather support bracket or center stud strap bracket.

FLST 1990-1999
FXD 1990-1998
FXR 1990-1994
FXST 1990-1999

Country Of Origin: CHINA

Accessory Items:
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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #34-1261 Breather Flange Ring. Suggested to use with #31-0686 Chrome Carburetor Support Bracket. Suggested to use with #34-0445 Air Cleaner Bracket Kit Chrome Billet. Suggested to use with #35-0961 OKO Mikuni Lower Plug.