0801-0692 - MUSTANG Heated Touring Seat - Plain - FL '97-'07 76653

0801-0692 - MUSTANG Heated Touring Seat - Plain - FL '97-'07 76653

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Heated Touring Seat - Plain - FL '97-'07
Wire harness hooks to accessory port in front of battery; seat has power only when the ignition key is turned on and accessory toggle switch below the handlebars is flipped up, Mustang's one-piece touring design provides the rider and passenger with the fullest, most comfortable seat possible, Dual-zone high/low heat settings for driver and passenger right on the side of the seat, Baseplate is open in the middle to accept a Mustang or stock H-D driver backrest kit, Seat pan is constructed with extra rugged, triple-layered fiberglass, Does not require any OE controllers or switches to function, Seat will fit with a handrail, Illuminated switches, Made in the U.S.A.