31-0475 - Motor Mount Frame Spacer Front

31-0475 - Motor Mount Frame Spacer Front

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Front motor mount frame spacer will allow installation of a Knucklehead or Flathead engine in a 1948-1984 frame.
The mount holes measure 3-1/4 center-to-center. *NOTE: The spacer is 5/16 thick to make up the difference in 1948-1957 Panhead frames. Knucklehead frame front mount surface is 5/16 taller than panheads. This is the fundamental difference between Panhead and Knucklehead frames. History: Early chopper realized early on that the Panhead engine did not fit in the Knucklehead frame so would dent in the seat post tube for clearance of rear head. Actually only the front of engine on Panhead had to be lower. Many Knucklehead original frames ruined in this way.

FL 1948-1984

Country Of Origin: USA
OEM Cross Reference: 24795-48,438-48
Accessory Items: 51-1948 - 200 Retro Replica Wishbone Frame
Measurement: Thickness: 5/16 inches