10-0879 - Left Side UL Engine Case

10-0879 - Left Side UL Engine Case

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Side valve replacement left side engine case features a blank number boss. This case has the same oil passage for the outside sprocket shaft bearing as the original case.
NOTE: Left side case must be fitted to existing OE right side case. Cylinder base surfaces and motor mount surfaces must be milled to match before assembly. *NOTE: Requires hole to be drilled in the left case. Cast in the bushing after the case race has been pressed in. Install the race and then drill the hole. *NOTE: Left side cases accept standard case race.

UL 1937-1948

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 24536-37,410-37,406-37

Accessory Items:
10-2535 - Engine Case Pinion Bearing Kit
10-0953 - UL Engine Case Set
10-0208 - Sprocket Left Side Case Race Standard
10-1942 - 80 ULH Motor Assembly

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #10-0208 Sprocket Left Side Case Race Standard.