48-0928 - Knucklehead Service and Parts Manual

48-0928 - Knucklehead Service and Parts Manual

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Knucklehead service and parts manual is 492 pages.
Full parts service and dope manual includes a detailed restoration section that is presented by Dan Henke of Cairo New York. Dan illustrates all the overlooked items that can cost points during a competition when being judged. Shop book includes service parts and dealer tips for the models and years that are listed. **NOTE: Product May Not Be Returned. ISBN: 978-1-7327387-3-7.

EL 1936-1947
FL 1941-1947

Country Of Origin: USA

Accessory Items:
48-0305 - Factory Service Bulletin for 1941-1956 Big Twins
48-0308 - Knucklehead 1936-1947 Repair Manual
48-0323 - 1936-1947 Knucklehead and 1937-1948 UL Parts Book
48-0489 - VT Knucklehead Service and Parts Manual

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