14-0455 - Knucklehead Rocker Box Seal Kit for 1 Head

14-0455 - Knucklehead Rocker Box Seal Kit for 1 Head

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Knucklehead rocker box cover kit is for conversion and will fit 1938-47 late model valve spring cover set on 1936-38 models.
Kit is for use on Knucklehead exhaust rocker shaft. Five piece kit includes one seal steel extension tube and washers for 1 head. Washer has a 1.425 and 1.495 O.D. the seal has a 1.32 and 1.486 O.D. and the steel collar measures .87 in length. Rocker box seal kit has enough parts for one rear application. *NOTE: See photo for rocker arm clearance required for installaiton for rear exhaust rocker.

EL 1936-1940

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
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