11-0879 - Knucklehead Rocker Arm Shaft Set

11-0879 - Knucklehead Rocker Arm Shaft Set

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Knucklehead rocker arm shaft set features oil galley's milled into each shaft as required on the 1937 EL models with the tea cup type valve spring covers.
Rocker arm shaft set is accurately reproduced after the original Knuckle motor of 1936. This set is shipped in an oil finish. Turn rocker shaft for alignment as required. This is a 4 piece set. *NOTE: Set will not accept V-Twin #11-1143 as rocker shaft is not threaded for the oval head screws. The bearing surface length on both ends are ground for rocker rotation. The front exhaust shaft is 5.280 front intake shaft is 4.095 rear intake shaft is 3.555 and the rear exhaust shaft is 4.645 .

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #11-0890 Knucklehead Rocker Shaft Cover Kit.