11-1157 - Knucklehead Rocker Arm Set

11-1157 - Knucklehead Rocker Arm Set

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Knucklehead rocker arm set.
For use on the 1936-1937 valve spring cup and cap style covers where the rocker arms will be exposed. The outer diameter of the rocker arm is turned down to .80 on the center portion excluding the seal surface area on the push rod side. This is for added clearance on 1938-1947 model lower tin covers. Sold as a 4 piece set. *NOTE: Right side of arm seal surface with ground outer diameter for single point seal contact. *NOTE: Before installation re-surface the head gasket by fly cutting or blanchard grinding. Re-check bore size STD .010 or .020 oversize.

EL 1938-1947
FL 1940-1947

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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