SKU: KBD-15909


Karata 3.0 Inch Open Primary Belt Drive
Fits: 1936-1954

Source: Custom Chrome

Karata 3.00 Inch Primary Belt Drive
Fits: 1936-54 Big Twin 4 Speed Kick Start Models
Comes stock with 144-tooth, 8.00mm Gates HTD belt
47 Tooth Front and 76 Tooth Rear Pulleys
This is an open belt setup only!
Clutch Hub Not included (as pictured)

KARATA PRIMARY DRIVE conversions provide contemporary belt drive technology for Big Twins all the way back to 1936. All KARATA primary drives feature removable front belt retainers. It is not necessary to remove the motor pulley or engine nut for belt replacement with KARATA.You don’t have to run a late model to enjoy the benefits of belt drive. Karata's conventional 1.50" drives are perfect for enclosed primary drives run in stock primary cases, wet or dry. Note: Dry installations require KARATA sealed bearings (not included).