32-0120 - Ignition Points Set

32-0120 - Ignition Points Set

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Set of electrical contacts that switch the coil on and off at the proper time.
The mechanical action of the distributor shaft lobes pushes the points open and closed. For use with braided points wire. It is suggested to double up the contact wire to take up the extra slack fold wire over on itself and press down into the fiber channel to avoid a short. Use flathead screws to mount points as supplied. *NOTE: The spring is .583 - .585 long with a .230 outer diameter and .165 inner diameter.

EL 1936-1947
FL 1941-1947
VL 1930-1935
W 1936-1947

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 32658-30,1569-30A

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