11-0590 - Hydraulic Tappet Block Kit Chrome Finish

11-0590 - Hydraulic Tappet Block Kit Chrome Finish

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Sifton hydraulic lifter and pushrod assembly includes 4 hydraulic lifter tappets 4 hydraulic lifter units 4 adjustable pushrods and a set of chrome tappet blocks.
Order correct lifter base screws in either (20) or (24) 1/4 pitch thread.

FL 1953-1965

Country Of Origin: USA

Suggested Items:
7515-4 - Alloy Hydraulic Stock Pushrod
10-0670 - Standard Hydraulic Tappet Assembly
10-0277 - Hydraulic Tappet Unit Set

Accessory Items:
16-0993 - Sifton Pushrod Adjustment Gauge
16-1728 - Pushrod Cover Clip Tool

Tech Notes: Required to use with #8708-8 Tappet Block Screw Kit Chrome for 1936-1975 models.