10-0079 - Flatside Style Smooth Cast Cam Cover

10-0079 - Flatside Style Smooth Cast Cam Cover

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Replica cast cam cover flatside style features natural aluminum with bushings installed. Cover features natural cast finish as original!
Cam cover bushings must be check and fitted (reamed) for final assembly. Check end play as well. Makse sure oil passages and oil feed holes in bushings are clearr. Tapered screw holes may require a deeper counter sink check with screw head before installation. *NOTE: Check oil passage (drilled hole) into bronze bushings either on existing bushings or when replacing bushings. Generator holes for 32E 6 volt 2 brush generators are 1/4 on Pre-1957 models and 5/16 on 1958-1969 models.

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 25216-66

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FL 1966-1969