26-2169 - Flanders Riser Post Set

26-2169 - Flanders Riser Post Set

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Zinc riser post for spring fork front ends has a 1 inner diameter.
Riser post will allow straight riser sets to be used on any 1 bar glide riser or dog bone triple tree for spring forks. Must order hardware separately.

EL 1936-1948
FL 1941-1948

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 56127-49,56127-49

Accessory Items:
49-0939 - Top Triple Tree Zinc
25-2117 - Replica 3 Glide Riser Set
49-0955 - Spring Fork Offset Top Tree with Ears Satin Nickel Finish
49-2607 - Chrome Handlebar Cross Brace

Tech Notes: Suggested to use #25-2117 glide risers for springer fork applications with top triple tree with ears. Suggested to use with #37-8820 bolt set. Suggested to use with 1/2 X 20inch threaded bolts or studs.