1020-3386 - Fi2000 Standard FI2000 - '08-'09 FLHT 692-1612

1020-3386 - Fi2000 Standard FI2000 - '08-'09 FLHT 692-1612

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Standard FI2000 - '08-'09 FLHT
Can tune engine fuel delivery in specific ranges, check rpm, read fuel injector pulse width and duty cycle, and add or remove fuel in low- or mid-range rpm, It will work with stock or modified engines to tune fuel delivery to provide peak performance in every gear, PowrPro Black analyzes, tunes and adjusts your air/ fuel ratio for peak performance instantaneously, The new PowrPro Black tuner is a true plug-in-and-ride EFI management system, Can fine-tune the non-acceleration air/ fuel curves using the Bluetooth® app, Works with stock or modified engines, air cleaners and exhaust systems, Tunes acceleration fuel delivery in every gear for peak performance