15-0785 - Engine Gasket Set

15-0785 - Engine Gasket Set

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Set includes valve cover seal cylinder base gaskets oil pump cover gaskets cam cover gaskets and gaskets for neutral switch idler gear generator tappet pinion lower oil damper oil pump and inner oil pump.
Order head gaskets separately.

VL 1930-1936

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

Suggested Items:
14-0173 - Valve Cover Seal
15-0217 - Transmission Neutral Switch Fiber Washer
15-0287 - Generator to Case Gasket
15-0382 - Pinion Gasket

Accessory Items:
15-0739 - Head Gasket Copper
41-0168 - Gasgacinch Gasket Sealer
41-0151 - Gasoila Red Varnish Sealant
15-0527 - Top End Gasket Kit

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #15-0739 Copper Head Gasket.