15-0511 - Engine Gasket Kit

15-0511 - Engine Gasket Kit

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Complete engine gasket kit includes all of the gaskets seals and o-rings necessary to rebuild Shovelhead 4-speed engine.
Includes teflon head gasket front and rear cylinder base gasket rocker cover gaskets front and rear tappet gaskets cam cover and derby cover gaskets oil pump body paper gasket oil pump outer cover paper gasket oil pump case paper gasket oil pump cover paper gasket carburetor mount base gaskets air cleaner mount gasket point cover gasket starter hole gasket 1/32 primary cover gasket inspection plate gasket solenoid mount gasket copper dual exhaust gasket starter deflector gasket rocker arm o-rings oil cap o-ring v-2 middle pushrod o-rings large pushrod quad seal small flat pushrod o-rings clutch hub nut seal left engine seal manifold seals cam cover seal rocker line oiler seals starter shaft housing seal oil pump seal and inner primary o-ring.

FL 1978-1984
FLT 1979-1983
Fx 1978-1984
FXR 1982-1983

Country Of Origin: ITALY
OEM Cross Reference: 17029-79

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