32-1177 - Dynatek Fusion EFI Ignition Module

32-1177 - Dynatek Fusion EFI Ignition Module

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Dyna Fusion EFI module with fuel and ignition control is available for most models. The new Dynatek Fusion EFI bases fuel adjustments on input from RPM and throttle positions.
Fuel delivery and spark advance adjustments can now be made with the Dynatek Fusion module. The Fusion EFI has 250 RPM resolution and 10 throttle position columns giving you up to 640 individual mapping points for fuel and an equal amount for ignition timing. This is the kind of point specific adjustability that is necessary with today's bikes and the parts that are available for them. This module features individual cylinder and gear position mapping a built in two position map switching function warm up fuel adjustments based on engine temperature an enhanced accel pump utility and is USB powered from computer. It also allows +/- 20 degrees of timing adjustments per cylinder or per gear. *NOTE: Not for sale in California.

FXD 2012-2017

Country Of Origin: USA