32-7777 - Dyna S Single Fire Ignition

32-7777 - Dyna S Single Fire Ignition

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Dyna S single fire ignition has the features of the Dyna S but fires the front and rear cylinders independently of each other which allows accurate timing of each cylinder.
Stock ignition systems fire both cylinders at the same time which has a wasted spark on the exhaust stroke. This eliminates this inherent problem. Use advance assembly on 1980-up models. Ingnition can be used with single or dual plug heads.

FL 1970-1984
FLST 1986-1999
FLT 1980-1999
Fx 1971-1984
FXD 1991-1999
FXR 1982-1994
FXST 1984-1999
XL 1971-2003

Country Of Origin: USA
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Accessory Items:
32-7510 - Ignition Mechanical Advance Unit Rotor and Weight Assembly
32-9503 - V-Fire Single Fire Ignition Kit with 8.5mm Diameter Coil
32-0800 - Single Fire Performance Ignition Kit
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Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #32-7510 advance assembly on 1980-up models.