Dyna 12 Volt 5 Ohm Single Fire Coil

Dyna 12 Volt 5 Ohm Single Fire Coil

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Dyna single fire coil is angle type. The coil is 12 volt and 5 ohm. It replaces Dyna DC-10-1.
This high tech top quality coil is designed for maximum performance. This coil is a stock replacement. Coil works with point and aftermarket electronic ignitions and factory electric ignitions. **NOTE:Check the coil primary resistance requirements from the manufacturers of the ignition being used. Sold in quantity of two.

FL 1980-1984
FLST 1986-1999
FLT 1985-1999
Fx 1980-1984
FXR 1984-1994
FXST 1984-1999
XL 1980-1999

Country Of Origin: USA
Accessory Items: 16-0514 - Spark Plug Wire Tool