32-0068 - Distributor Top Rebuild Kit

32-0068 - Distributor Top Rebuild Kit

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Distributor top rebuild kit includes points condenser wire washers bushings studs and hardware.
Order breaker base separately.

FL 1948-1962

Country Of Origin: USA

Suggested Items:
32-0154 - Distributor Wire Stud
32-9265 - Distributor to Coil Wire
14-0031 - Oil Pump Adjuster Screw Gasket

Accessory Items:
32-0047 - Single Point Distributor Top
32-1286 - Distributor Retaining Ring and Clip Kit
32-1337 - Distributor Wire Loom Clips
8146-10 - Cadmium Circuit Breaker Screws
32-1137 - Magneto Assembly with Shaft and Fixed Mount Base

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #32-0047 breaker base