Dell'Orto 38mm Carburetor Kit

Dell'Orto 38mm Carburetor Kit

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Dell'Orto 38mm carburetor kit includes throttle assembly cable grips air cleaner adapter and carburetor adapter to fit side valve three bolt manifolds. Features adjustable accelerator pump and choke.

FL 1955-1965

Country Of Origin: USA

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35-0088 - Carburetor Adapter Flange
34-1060 - Dell'Orto Pumper Air Cleaner Adapter
37-0812 - Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

Accessory Items:
35-0415 - Power Intake Manifold Clamp Kit with O-Rings
35-0409 - Power Intake Manifold Clamp Kit with Flat Seals

Tech Notes: Suggested to use #15-0555 repair kit