16-0586 - Crank Truing Machine

16-0586 - Crank Truing Machine

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Truing machine features cast iron construction and is designed to true stock style flywheels.
For fork tube straightness checking you must order the roller stanchions separately.

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN
OEM Cross Reference: 96650-30,11962-X
Suggested Items: 16-0184 - Spindle Handle

Accessory Items:
16-0325 - Jims Flywheel Truing Tool
16-1020 - Flywheel Truing Hammer
16-1703 - Flywheel Truing Hand Wheel
16-1032 - Flywheel Fixture Center Tool

Tech Notes: Suggested to use with #16-0071 Roller Tool Set for Wheel Truing Stand.