10-0186 - Connecting Rod Assembly

10-0186 - Connecting Rod Assembly

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Includes new rods crank pin nuts cages and standard roller fitted and assembled. Rod set includes step-crank pin for use in OEM flyweels.
Piston pin bushings are installed and honed for stock wirst pin.

Country Of Origin: USA
OEM Cross Reference: 24277-37

Accessory Items:
10-0131 - 3-Hole Crank Pin
10-0756 - Connecting Rod Wrist Pin Bushing Set
10-0138 - Connecting Rod Race Set
10-0141 - Connecting Rod Roller Bearing Set with Cages

Replacement Items:
16-0029 - Connecting Rod Clamping Tool
16-0075 - Wrist Pin Ring Tool
16-1757 - Piston Pin Lock Tool

Measurement: Rod Length: 7.468 inches

EL 1936-1952