22-0722 - Chrome Tank Hand Shifter Control Kit

22-0722 - Chrome Tank Hand Shifter Control Kit

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Chrome tank hand shifter kit for ratchet top transmission features smooth gate handle rod pivot bolt and hardware for 3.5 gallon tanks.
The smooth gate allows you to use a ratchet rotary or 5-speed transmission. The smooth gate is straight through without detents. For use with Jockey Clutch assemblies which are available separately. 1936 EL replica chrome shift gate is exact restoration quality for this year Knucklehead. This gate is also recommended for use on 4-speed ratchet top for use on a Bobber or Chopper. Use with round or stamped shifter arms.

EL 1936-1940
FL 1941-1946
UL 1936-1946

Country Of Origin: USA

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