39-0777 - Chrome Skull Dash Panel with Red Lens

39-0777 - Chrome Skull Dash Panel with Red Lens

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This chrome 1937 style skull dash panel has retainer ring one red one green two clear lenses and speedometer lamp switch hole. Use rubber plug on side hole on side for speedometer trip knob.
1936-1938 types utilized the rubber plug where the trip knob goes through the dash. Recommended to use cover on 1936-1937 models. Lens tunnels are not required as gauges are used on these years with two clear lenses. Speedometer trip hole requires a plastic plug VTwin #28-2007. Lenses are secured to the dash by frames on the dash underside just simply bend tabs over. Ready for installation. **NOTE: Dash has correct frames soldered in place as original to hold lenses.

EL 1937
UL 1937

Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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